Nutrition for Menopause

In honor of World Menopause Day (a campaign from England which raises awareness of midlife women’s health), I would like to address a dozen nutrition tips to help nourish well during menopause. Nutrition becomes especially important for women after menopause due to the increased incidence of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and weight gain. Diet plays a major …

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6 Foods to Boost Your Mood

Can food boost your mood? Absolutely, especially if these are foods which increase the feel-good hormone serotonin in the brain or can help decrease cortisol, our stress hormone. The 6 feel-good fuel sources to boost your mood that we are talking about are complex carbohydrates, omega three fatty acids, dark chocolate and foods containing folate or vitamin D and water.

Moving Every 30 Minutes Increases Employee Energy & Enagagement

Studies have shown that moving every 30 minutes increases energy and engagement in employees at companies. Motion clearly energizes and gets companies to be more active. After all, the health and happiness of a company directly affects their bottom line.