Moving Every 30 Minutes Increases Employee Energy & Enagagement

Moving Every 30 minutes keeps you on your game!
Moving Every 30 minutes keeps you on your game!

Studies have shown that moving every 30 minutes increases energy and engagement in employees at companies. Take for example a company like New Balance, the makers of athletic shoes and sports wear.  New Balance has worked with the concept of having  motion champions or employees designated to motivate people to move every half hour in fun and creative ways.  These tips describe some ways in which Johnson and Johnson who was working with New Balance advises employees to get moving.

An article by Jack Groppel and Ben Wiegand- both PhD’s and both Vice Presidents of Science  and Innovation, Wellness and Prevention Inc. supplies this direct advice. ” When in meetings, assure that meetings will last no more than one hour, and call for a one to two minute movement exercise at the half hour. Give people permission to move during the meeting. Even small motions while sitting can help, such as:

  • Tilting the neck forward and backwards
  • Flexing, extending and rotating the feet
  • Bending and extending knees (while sitting, pull your knee to chest)
  • Standing up and making small circles with outstretched arms
  • Using resistance bands to stretch
  • Calling a 15 minute “recovery break” (not just bathroom break) every 90 minutes, during which people can stand up and sit down, find stairs to climb, or take a walk. Their assignment: Return to the meeting with more energy.
  • Calling “walking meetings” with two to four people (if people need to write things down, they should stop, write their notes, and then continue to walk)For employees working at the desk
    • Provide a standing desk, or a desk that rises up and down, so workers can move up and down as well. If standing is difficult, provide balance ball chairs.
    • Provide wireless headsets so employees can walk while on the phone
    • Provide exercise bands
    • Discourage internal (in-building) e-mail: instead, encourage personal contact
    • Instead of sending an e-mail or text, get up and walk to the people’s offices to communicate/ connect with themFor breaks
  • Before going into the break, encourge employees to disengage from what they have been doing, and then to get recovery. Recovery is the recapture of energy, that can easily be gained by walking, climbing stairs, getting a quick healthy snack, etc.
  • Walk two to three flights of stairs
  • Go outside and walk briskly
  • If going to the washroom, use one on a different floor ” (1)

Motion clearly energizes and gets companies to be more active.  After all the health and happiness of a company directly affects their bottom line.

REF: Groppel, J. and Wiegand ,B.  A New Performance Paradigm: Can 1-2 Minutes Transform  your Organization? HPI.