Dr. Emma J. Fogt


Dr. Emma is passionate about helping clients in GI distress feel better through optimal nutrition and lifestyle intervention. Her clinical career started in Boston as a research manager at The Center for the Study of Nutrition and Medicine, specializing in critical care and obesity under the mentorship of the late George Blackburn MD, PhD and Stacey Bell, DSc. Upon moving to Pennsylvania , Dr. Emma taught clinical nutrition at the college level and then opened up a Pediatric Private Practice called Nutrition for Kids, Teens and Families, which she ran for 12 years outside of Philadelphia. At this time, she was also the nutritionist at Dietz & Watson Inc., in Philadelphia. When her children reached high school age, Dr. Emma transitioned into Director of culinary programs and events, organizing children and adults cooking classes and conducting corporate culinary team building events at the Wayne Art Center. Today, Dr. Emma works with clients to help them optimize digestive health via nutrition counseling, cooking programs and education. She also provides one-on-one coaching nutrition private practitioners and teaches interdisciplinary GI nutrition education. Please follow Dr. Emma on IG @thebiomekitchen or sign up for a 15 minute discovery call under the “counseling” tab here on this website.

Education/ Awards

  • EdD- Doctor of Education and Leadership in Healthcare, Nebraska Methodist College, NE
  • MS- Master of Science -Nutrition/Communications: Boston University, MA
  • MBA- Master of Business – Healthcare Administration: Eastern University, PA
  • RDN- Registered Dietitian Nutritionist; Brigham Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, MA
  • LDN- Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist, PA
  • Low FODMAP Certified Dietitian, Monash University , AU
  • Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair- Women’s Health of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND), 2019-2021
  • Outstanding Nutrition Entrepreneur Award, AND, 2018
  • FAND- Fellow of The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, 2013-present
  • Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair – Nutrition Entrepreneurs, AND, 2012-2014. Membership Chair, 2010-2012, Sponsorship Chair, 2008-2010
  • Best of Philly Nutritionist 2010- Philadelphia Magazine
  • Most Dedicated Dietitian, 2010- Today’s Dietitian Magazine

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