Sweet Heart Double Chocolate Valentine Brownies

Nothing melts the heart more than a delicious dose of chocolate. Today we are heading into the Wayne Art Center to decorate double chocolate brownies baked in heart shaped pans. But before the decorations – the brownies must be mixed, poured, cooked and cooled. Here is the recipe found in Martha Stewart’s Cookies, The Very …

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The Art of Cooking

Since I have been spending more time organizing and working with the culinary programs at the Wayne Art Center these last 4 months, I’ve been thinking a lot lately how cooking and art collide.  I’ve been asking myself, ” Is cooking an art ?”  It is true that artists appreciate beauty and can make beautiful …

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Four Reasons Why Corporations Pay to Cook

As we celebrate 5 years of Corporate Culinary Team Building at the Wayne Art Center we have realized that 50% of our clients are repeat customers. With that being said, it makes us want to look at the reasons why Corporate Culinary Team Building is a repeat business.Here are just four of many reason we think Corporate Culinary Team Building is a repeater!