Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover – Exploring the “Taco Cleanse”

taco-cleanse-bookThe Taco Cleanse

The Taco Cleanse, which is written by four “Taco Scientists,” is a new book which is selling like hot tamales. The cover of the book is eye-catching and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to go on a “cleanse” which involves tacos–especially after the holidays. Tacos are part of the fastest growing ethnic food segment today. Between 2010-2013 the growth of Mexican restaurants increased 13% and the trend is not going away.

Despite the promising title, the reality here bites: by no means is this book a cleanse, it is a vegan recipe book for tacos. There are 75 taco recipes in this book, there are fresh and tasty recipes such as the Deeply Roasted Chipolte Butternut Squash Taco and the Enlightened Soy Curls al Pastor tacos and there are some not-so-healthy varieties-such as the Tater Tot-Cho Tacos or the Beer-Battered Portobello Taco.

A Highly Entertaining Satire on “Dieting”

In fact, in my opinion, this book is a highly entertaining satire on “dieting.” Similar to fad diets, the “Taco Cleanse” has diet rules to follow such as: “Eat tacos for every meal. Always have a taco on hand to fill. Supplement your dinner with a margarita or martini. You can follow this diet one day or one month.” It’s lifestyle section on taco yoga and taco journaling had me laughing out loud.

The Taco Cleanse is a vegan recipe book and the Taco Scientists are four VERY creative vegan bloggers, writers and cooks. There are awesome fun recipes for making tacos, salsa and condiments and even a few alcoholic beverages.

Vegan Diets

Even though vegan diets are trendy, they can be quite restrictive and a lot of work. Vegan cooks need to be willing to find such ingredients as vegan cheese, sausages, tempeh and seitan, which although they are getting more popular, can be difficult to find in a run-of-the-mill supermarket. From a nutrition standpoint, vegan diets can also be a challenge when it comes to getting adequate B12, iron, zinc and calcium. See this link for more information on a vegan diet.

The vegan diet cuts out all animal products, that means no meat or dairy products, just plant-based foods from beans to dark greens. US News and World Report ranks the Vegan Diet as #21 in Best Diets Overall.

Though The Taco Cleanse probably won’t “change your life” but it will help you to redefine your vegan inspired dinners if you happen to have tacos on the menu. It also provides a few laughs while you’re stirring up that “Therapeutic Tempeh Picadillo”.

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