Not All Oat Milks are the Same

You would think all oat milks are the same — but made by different companies they vary in nutrition content. Unlike nut milks — which have protein in them — (think almond milk, cashew milk, quinoa milk, flax milk, coconut milk) oats are just soluble fiber and carbohydrates. Home-made oat milk is literally just water and oats. The describes how to make oat milk. Combining 1C rolled oats and 4 C water leads to 4 servings. Water and oats are blended in a high-speed blender and drained through a clean cotton dishtowel. The product is strained twice to remove excess starch. Over-blending can result in slimy milk.

A Missing Micronutrient – Choline for Life

Last week I had a chance to listen to a webinar sponsored by the Women’s Health Dietetic Practice Group of The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics The webinar was run by Liz Weiss MS, RDN , family meal and nutrition expert and Maria Caudill PhD, RD a choline researcher at Cornell University. The webinar focused …

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