What to Eat After the Tri Rock Philadelphia

What to Eat After the Tri Rock PhiladelphiaThe Philadelphia Tri Rock is coming up at Fairmont Park June 27th.

The Healthcare Women’s Business Association’s (HBA’s) Fit To Lead Group is training hard.

Training does not only include physical training but fuel training as well. Here are some Post Recovery Food Questions & Answers for optimal performance!

When should I Eat Post Recovery Foods?

Recovery foods can be consumed as soon as 15-30 minutes after a Tri race. This allows for speedier muscle recovery and restoration of fuel.

What should I include in Post Recovery Foods?

Post recovery foods should include protein and carbohydrates. It is helpful to get a recovery food ratio of 4:1 of carbohydrate :protein. An example of a Recovery Food Plan may include a protein shake some crackers and fruit.


8 oz unsweetened skim milk 80 7 12
1/2c blueberries 42 .5 11
1/2c strawberries 25 .5 6
6 oz FAGE low fat Greek yogurt 100 18 7
TOTAL 247 26 36
1 apple (large) 110 0 30
1 orange (large) 86 2 22
6 Triscuits crackers 120 3 20

How Much Carbohydrate should I get Post Recovery?

Since you need 4x more carbohydrate than protein- recovery carbs can be calculated using body weight. Divide your body weight in pounds by half.

Here is an example:

  • 150 pound person / 2     = 75 grams of carbohydrate needed for recovery

How Much Protein should I get Post Tri Recovery?

  • Usually a standard 10-20 grams of protein is needed after a Tri race.
  • Eating after a race helps speed up recovery time- especially within the first half hour of completing the race.


No matter what: It is important to include protein in your post triathlon recovery!


If you have questions about carbohydrates and triathlon training, please feel free to contact Emma for your Expert Nutritional Personal, Professional, Team Building or Corporateneeds.  Contact Emma Fogt here.