What’ s Zapping Women’s Energy?

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I just had the honor a couple of weeks ago to give a talk to a group of savvy women leaders in the Pharmaceutical Industry (http://www.hbanet.org/hba-greater-philadelphia-chapter). These women are smart and hard working and many of them have families to take care of after work. I was delighted and surprised at the great turnout we had on a Wednesday night.

The topic we discussed was about nutrition and how nutrition plays a large role in energy management. This topic is a passion of mine after having written a 240 page book for women on the subject of energy, empowerment and effectiveness through self-care with my co-author Nisha Shah, MPH, RD. Food or nourish is one of the self –care strategies and one which speaks to my area of expertise most.

What is Zapping Women’s Energy?

What Zaps womens energeyFor me, the best part of this talk entitled: Fuel Up for Maximum Performance and Potential  however (besides talking food!) was finding out what was zapping women’s energy. The top 5 answers from the audience- which was no surprise – were:

  1. Stress
  2. Parenting
  3. Limited Time
  4. To-Do Lists
  5. Mind Clutter

I guess what I was so excited about was that all of these energy zapping issues are talked about in our book Having Your All, How Self-Care Leads to an Energized, Effective and Empowered Life (www.havingyourall.com). When Nisha and I started talking about this book in October 2011 we had no idea if we were reaching a niche or even a viable target market. We were taking every morsel of the book and bringing it out from our souls and onto paper surviving mostly on our passion and experience alone. We spent over 2 years conducting research and had weekly, sometimes biweekly discussions together on how to compile and publish our book which addresses women’s struggles today in the workforce. We asked ourselves why are women so stressed and how can we, as health care providers use our skills to best help them.

We came up with 5 energy saving Power Habits™ to help working women protect their health.

We asked women to let go of any “junk “ which could be eliminated from their overflowing life plates ( the stuff that was zapping them of their precious energy). We then asked our readers to replenish their plate with healthier nurturing “Power Habits TM”. Namely

  • Nourish
  • Rejuvenation
  • Move
  • Purpose and
  • Balance.

Four years exactly from this month- after having met Nisha at the San Diego FNCE Conference in 2011. I could not be more proud to be talking to women about what “zaps their energy” and to know that Nisha and my long journey of perseverance together which included many, many doubts and fears-has hit a niche and a need- and it is just the beginning!


No matter what: Recognize the triggers that are zapping your energy.  Slowly replace them with energy power habits.  You will be glad you did!


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