amuse-toddlersMany young children ages 18-24 months of age whom I see, need to gain weight. That is these very young children fall off their usual weight percentile by not gaining weight or even losing weight over time. After being evaluated by their MD and other professionals to rule out mechanical or feeding difficulties, medical and metabolic issues the parent is referred to my office to get some ideas to help promote weight gain. From my experience and calculations, this age group needs about 1000-1500 kcals/day for weight gain depending on current weight and gender.
A quick summary shows how these calories may be divided through out the day.

Nutrition Recommendation: 1300-1500 kcals/day for weight gain
50-40% CHO, 20%Protein, 30-40%fat
3 meals and 2 snacks:
Breakfast 300 kcals
Snack 200-300 kcals
Lunch 300 kcals
Snack 200-300 kcals
Dinner 300 kcals
TOTAL 1300-1500 kcals/day

Timed meals every 3-4 hours, no food in between except water
Sit at table for meals as often as possib
2-2.5C whole milk w/ cream, also a ½ C whole juice/day for kcals and fluid
Increase fat calories in starches and whole grains with safflower/canola oil,whole fat dairy, cheeses and stews.
Try soft dried fruits, chopped de-pitted dates, chopped soft apricots for nutrient dense calories for snacks
Have a shake with whole milk or pediatric supplement/yogurt in evening as needed or fruit shake with milk, cream, and frozen berries and banana
Try high fat foods such as avocado, hummus, ground seeds and puddings.