The Brain and Overeating

The End of Overeating by David Kessler (Rodale Press)
The problem…
Why do humans overeat? David Kessler writes that sugar, salt and fat drive overeating. For example, if given the choice of a sorbet versus an ice cream with sugar and fat we will eat more ice cream because the latter stimulates more brain activation. Add salt to the mix- like chocolate covered pretzels and stimulate appetite even more. In other words, the more multi-sensory the foods, the more we eat of them. Take for example not just sugar, fat and salt but also texture, aroma/taste and temperature. Food companies create foods with multiple characteristics to sell more and as humans, we consequently eat more. Add cues of sight, sound, smell, time of day and location and we become what Kessler calls CONDITIONED HYPEREATERS. Our brains are wired in hyper mode and we eat more than needed- on a regular basis. In his book ‘The End of Overeating”, Kessler states that about 50% obese, 30% overweight and 20% of healthy-weight individuals will have this condition. Especially if these 3 characteristics are true:
1. Is it hard to resist highly palatable foods? Do you lose control around these foods?
2. Do you lack the feeling full even when eating?
3. Are you thinking about food in between meals?
The solution…to follow.