Summer is For Salads

Summer is the time to eat a fresh seasonal salad. When you don’t feel like cooking a salad can become the main meal and all it takes is some mindful shopping and quick assembly. Instead of the ol’ iceberg lettuce which does not pack a bunch of nutrition have your salads start with a base of darker green romaine, arugula, spring mix or baby spinach. Add fruits such as red grapes, orange slices or pear. Try some thin slices of aged cheese, or crumbled blue cheese, goat cheese or feta. If you would like to add more protein try lean choices of chicken, turkey or ham even lean cuts of roast beef! Besides salty and sweet flavors I also add some crunch such as walnuts, almond slices, pine nuts or sunflower seeds. A salad is portable and makes a great lunch or dinner! Susan my friend and FANTASTIC photographer took these pics of some recent salads we created. What are your favorite salads. Let me know!