Top Must Have Gadgets for the Kitchen!

Since I have been teaching cooking classes at the Wayne Art Center I have found myself using some very handy kitchen utensils and gadgets . Can you suggest your favorites? Let me know!

10 INCH CHEF KNIFE: A 10 inch chef knife could be the one and only knife you need! It should be a full tang knife with a tapered –ground and a well balanced heel. I use this knife for chopping slicing and dicing. When I use this knife I know it is special so I use it alot!

CITRUS SQUEEZER: Whether it is an orange, lemon or lime- a citrus squeezer can get out all of the juice while leaving the pips behind!

TONGS: I never knew how important these were until I realized tongs help you prevent burning yourself while getting anything out of rolling boiling water or are helpful in simply arranging food gracefully for plating. The Messermeister made tongs close via a little button on the top.

Y SHAPED PEELER: This shaped peeler is so easy to manage never a scrape or slide in sight. The Y shape peeler is as litlte as $2.99 at Kitchen Kapers.

MICROPLANE ZESTER/ GRATER : This is the easiest, cleanest way to get that zest of those citrus fruits, to grate ginger and nuts and is easy to clean.

ORKA SILICONE PASTRY BRUSH: When I first saw this silicone basting brush, I was skeptical! A silicone pastry brush is easy to clean in the dishwasher and lasts forever- unlike the wiry paint brushes which last but 2 washes and seem less sanitary.

CHEFN’SILICONE SPATULA: Talk about durability and style- This Chefin’ spatula has two ends for scraping and stirring is heat proof, washing machine proof and stylish coming in a variety of colors.

OXO GoodGrips (2 C) ANGLED MEASURING CUP. Yah I thought gimmicky too, until I poured in some olive oil for salad dressing and was amazed at how clearly this measures up!

SILPAT BAKING PAD: Instead of greasing up a baking pan use this silpat to bake 1000 times! Just don’t cut it or you will have to get a new one.

COLOR CODED CUTTING BOARDS: These were given to me as a gift. I love the red for meats, the green for veggies and white and yellow for other tasks. Nonslip, easy to clean and portable!