The Pros and Cons of an Doctorate in Education

It’s true that nothing can compare to real life and experiences as far as education is concerned. On the other hand, there is much to be said about a formal educational program for a Doctorate in Education and Leadership in Healthcare.  Last week I sent in my final Doctoral Scholarly Project (thesis) to my doctoral team for approval. The thesis is on medical student’s knowledge and attitudes of dietitians. Let’s see what happens…I am in countdown mode with just 6 more weeks until graduation!

As I write this, I cannot help but be grateful for this journey. Naysayers could not believe a middle-aged woman would go back to school. My business coach /psychologist said, “Are you crazy?” When I replied, “I applied and got into 2 other PhD programs in the 90s and had to withdraw from both for family responsibilities!” She said, “I get it, go for it!”. Not that I needed any permission, I had made up my mind.  Today, EdDs are more affordable , geared towards working professionals, are flexible (full or part-time) and online. The timing and class content for my stage in life and past work experience was perfect!

I am truly grateful to have

  • learned about subjects I enjoyed: leadership, organizational change, accountability, ethics, stats, research, policy, technology and instructional methods and evaluation,
  • tightened up my writing and reference abilities,
  • worked with smart and savvy health care peers (from therapists and nurses to educational leaders in healthcare),
  • fulfilled a life-long goal and,
  • hope to make more impact with more responsibility moving forward.

If you are considering getting a terminal degree. Contact me on IG @thebiomekitchen. Happy to hear what you are thinking of and if I can give any tips!