Enzymes to help break down GOS

If you get gas pain from beans , peas and pistachios...why not try a GOS enzyme?

Taking enzymes before you eat may help with gas pain.


To help alleviate gas pain there is an enzyme called alpha-galactosidase which can help break down the galacto-oligo saccharides. Brand names of this enzyme are Beano or Vitacost. Each contain 300 GALU of an enzyme from a natural source that works with your body’s digestion. The enzyme  breaks down the complex carbohydrates found in gassy foods into simpler, easily digestible sugars before they reach the colon, preventing gas before it starts. Adding drops of this enzymes to foods before you eat it is helpful in breaking down GOS.

BEANO is nothing but the enzyme, alpha-galactosidase. You put three to eight drops in the first spoonful of food you eat, and it leads the way to your digestive tract. There, it goes to work breaking down the difficult foods as they come tumbling after.

Enzymes can be destroyed by heat (130 degrees F). In fact, alpha-galactosidase becomes inactive when temperatures reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit, waiting until food cools enough to eat it is necessary.