Make Your 2011 Resolutions S.M.A.R.T. Goals

It’s New Year’s Eve today. At midnight the clock strikes 2011. This new year signifies the the turning over of a new leaf.Today is the day when New Year resolutions are made and when motivation to make change is high.  Why not make this year a healthy year for you and your family? A “healthy  makeover” does not mean you need to overhaul your life overnight.

If you expect to run a marathon, lose 25 pounds and quit smoking tomorrow then that is not  just overwhelming, it’s unrealistic . A healthy makeover means taking small steps towards a larger goal over time. What is the best way to approach goals?  In the 90’s (yes : the dinosaur era and can you believe 0ver 20 year ago!)  I remember giving a talk to patients on S.M.A.R.T goals.  These goals are : small , measurable, attainable,realistic and tangible. Let’s break it down for example.

“I need to lose weight.” or “I will exercise every day.”, or “I want to quit smoking” are large goals.

Small: Think about a goal in parts- break it down into small pieces. “I woud like to lose a certain amount of weight this month.”

Measurable: “I would like to lose 1-2 pounds this week – that’s 4-8 pounds over the month.”

Attainable: ” I need to decrease my usual intake by 500 calories each day- I would like to replace the usual cookies after dinner with fruit 3 times  this week.”

Realistic:” I don’t like fruit alone- it’s boring especially bananas and oranges but I  like grapes, berries and apples.”

Tangible: “Maybe I can have a yogurt parfait with fruit one night then grapes and a low fat cheese stick another night and strawberries and 1/2C low fat frozen yogurt on another night.”

I suggest writing down 3 healthy goals this January 2011 Then break them down into SMART Goals!


1. Healthfully Blog 3x/week to Support, Network and Creatively Inspire Clients to “create a lifetime of healthy eating”

2. Continue to Exercise 4x/week.  Gym: 2x weights and cardio and 1x yoga. Tennis 1x/week

3. Creatively Cook Healthy meals and catalogue recipes on website for family, friends and you!

Facebook Your SMART Goals!

Cooking Healthy Meals for Many!