Spanish Tapas are Healthy Appetizer Recipes

Finger Foods
Finger Foods in between meals!

Tapas are the ultimate Spanish finger food eaten between meals. From Barcelona to St Sebastian – these little bites are perfect in the afternoon before dinner or late at night after a Flamenco show with a glass of red or white spanish wine. In Spain the main meal is often eaten at lunch time- so Tapas between 9pm to 11pm in the evening is often the final meal of the day. Tapas are served with toothpicks- and when your plate is just left with a few crumbs , the number of toothpicks also left on your plate is the number of Tapas you pay for. They are served cold, fried, sauce based or warm. Here are a few Traveling Thursday Photos to tantalize your tastebuds or even recreate at your next party.

Potato Wedge finger food
Finger Foods
Mushrooms Peppers Olives finger food
Mushrooms, peppers, olives
Boiled Shrimp finger food
Version of – Boiled shrimps served with tomato, green pepper, onion and cucumber dressing.