Pantry Makeover
Pantry Makeover

Spring is here and it’s time to clear out those winter pantry cobwebs. Your pantry is a place where dried goods and essential liquids are stored. Cleaning out the pantry takes time and energy and some organizational skills.

1. First clean out your pantry until it is empty. You can place all foods and storage containers on the kitchen table or counters.

2. Clean and sanitize your empty pantry.

3. With all the items out of your pantry. Sort them into like categories. For example some like groups can be:
Baking products: coconut, chocolate morsels, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, baking powders and flavorings
Flour and Sugar
Canned goods: fruit , soups and vegetables
Condiments: vinegars, unopened dressings, olive oils, oils, unopened mustards, vinegars
Beverages: Teas, coffee, beverages
Dry Goods: dry good boxes such as crackers, cereals, potato flakes, pancake mixes and rice mixes
Grains: Looses Rice and whole grains such as barley ,couscous and dried beans
Canned and Jarred Goods: Beans and savory tins and jars such as olives , roasted pepper and artichokes

4. Containerize any loose products such as flours, pasta, rice, sugar & dried goods.

5. Label shelves and bins for even more organization.

6. Keep your pantry up to date by using the open and older foods first- place these foods at the front of the shelves. Review and organize your pantry regularly to keep your foods fresh.