Simplify Supplements For Women 50+

I recently talked with a friend of mine who will be celebrating a big birthday and she wanted to get a nutrition makeover. Besides looking at her 3 day food diary we did a big revamp on her supplements. My friend was taking a slew of pills- all note-worthy in nutrients but it took us a few spread sheets to figure out their contents.  Knowing that women over 50 ( post-menopausal) need less iron, more calcium, vitamin D and Omega’s we came up with a simple plan taking into account the vitamins and minerals she got in her diet by food .

General Woman’s Formula over 50

We chose a overall formula to ensure all bases were covered especially as my friend is an athlete. A woman’s one a day 50 + multivitamin is expertly formulated for women over 50 to support overall health needs, especially in regard to immune function, eye and bone health, brain function and mood. These multi-vitamins however do lack in calcium and Omega Threes.

Extra Calcium

For extra calcium my go to is the Adora Chocolate wafer! Women over 50 years need 1200 mg/calcium a day which is met by 4 servings of diary! Why not get that extra calcium through milk or dark chocolate ladies!

Mind the Omega’s

Omegas are good for the heart, eyes and mind. Most organizations recommend a minimum of 250–500 mg combined EPA and DHA each day for healthy adults. However, higher amounts are often recommended for certain health conditions. I like to get 500mg of Omegas via a pill incase the fish, walnuts or avocados were not eaten that day!

A Registered Dietitian, can help you assess what nutrition you are getting through the foods you eat and from there your physician can recommend a personalized supplement regime based on your age, gender and conditions like breastfeeding or pregnancy.


General Recommendations for Women 50+
Calcium: 1200 mg/day

Vit D: 15 mcg or 600IU/day

Omega 3s: 500-1000 mg/day