No Bones About It: Calcium

2 Adora Wafers provide 1000 mg calcium/day
2 Adora Wafers provide 1000 mg calcium/day

Calcium is an important  nutrient that is difficult for women to get through food. Namely to get the 1000-1200 mg of calcium we need daily we would have to consume 3 servings of dairy each day.  Data shows women barely get 1 serving of dairy each day. Growing children need up to 1300 mg each day for bone growth  ages 9 to 18 years so that is up to 4 servings of dairy each day.

TOP CALCIUM FOOD SOURCES . A serving size of dairy would be equivalent to 1 Cup of Milk or fortified orange juice (300mg) or 1 C greek yogurt  (300mg) or 2 ounces of cheese (400mg). If this amount of calcium is difficult to get through food then another avenue is to get calcium through a supplement.

One of my favorite supplements is called Adora Calcium Supplement. What makes this supplement stand out above all the rest? It is a chocolate wafer. One you can take after lunch and then again after dinner. Not only does it provide much needed calcium it also has added vitamin D and magnesium to help with calcium absorption.


Women need = 1000-1200 mg calcium each day and  600IU of Vitamin D each day

2 Adora Wafers provide  =1000 mg calcium/day, 500IU Vitamin D/day,  20% magnesium needs.

Because the Adora supplement comes in milk  or dark chocolate- it melts in your mouth like real chocolate, tastes like premium chocolate and can also double as a remedy for any sweet cravings. Recommended doses are 2 wafers a day one in the morning and one in the evening.