The last days of Pregnancy what next…

OK so you have managed to survive 9 months (Really 40 weeks=10 months!) of morning sickness, swollen body parts and now uncomfortable nights of GERD (gastro esophageal reflux) not to mention multiple trips to bathroom to pee yet again…Finally the day is arriving where that little bundle (or bundles) will be in your arms and you will be a Mom!
So it took 9 months for your body to gradually evolve and change to first produce and then nurture this gift. The weight you have gained is not only the baby, but placenta, increased blood volume and body fat preparing you to breast feed and take care of the baby. Moms should know it takes time to readjust after a child- the body has an amazing ability to bounce back , but it needs some extra time and TLC. Here are 5 TLC tips for post partum moms.
1. Breast Feed: Studies show breast feeding not only provides your baby with the best nutrition it can get, it shows babies have lower incidences obesity- and moms- you burn 500 calories/day breast feeding. You can lose those baby pounds so much faster.
2. Drink plenty of water to support breast feeding.
3. When the baby naps…YOU nap! Forget cleaning up or doing laundry. You need to be able to function and keep sane. Rested mom= can cope with baby mom.
4. Baby may feed every 3 hours or so. That means you need to feed yourself as well 3-4x/day. Get help in preparing food you can grab directly from the fridge- soups, salads, sandwiches. Heck even go out and buy pre-made healthy foods. Stock up without having to worry. Freeze foods like home made soups and casseroles for a quick meal. Have healthy snacks available from nuts and fruit to trail mix and yogurt.
5. Finally: Say to yourself “I am a perfect MOM because heck I just produced a “perfect” baby.” Enjoy!

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