Claim Your Right To A Good Night Sleep!

Often we think diet and exercise are the pillars to health. But another and often the foundation of health is actually sleep. 1 in 3 people don’t get enough sleep.  Without good sleep we do not eat well- craving carbs and sweets and we are not rested for optimal exercise.

To prioritize sleep we need a plan and practice.  Here are five tips to better enhance sleep.

  1. OPTIMIZE YOUR SLEEP SCHEDULE: A regular sleep schedule every day means going to bed at the same tome each day and waking up at the same time each day. That means weekends too. –
  2. COOL DOWN THE BEDROOM: Cool your bedroom to 68F. The body needs a cool environment to fall and stay asleep says Matthew Walker Sleep Expert at UCLA.
  3. TURN OFF DEVICES: Turn off all blue light at least an hour before bed- no mobile screens – so putting down the laptop, i-Pad and mobile phone decreases blue light transmission. This is blue light which can keep you awake.
  4. CREATE BEDTIME RITUALS: Try a soothing ritual before bedtime to wind down from the day. For some that could mean a warm shower, for others a good read or even a gentle body moves like restorative yoga or mindful breathing.
  5. HAVE YOR BEDROOM BECOME A SACTUARY:  Make the bedroom just a place for sleep (and fooling around). Have comfy and supportive pillows and high-quality bedding. For some people, weighted blanket is a nice cozy comfort. Make sure you have a good grade mattress  or optimal sleep comfort and that the room is calm, quiet and dark.

For more tips and tricks for a good night of sleep check out this link: