Prevent HANGER with these Stress Busting Foods


Are there foods which can take off that hunger and anger edge in the afternoon and help bust through stress?  Water, Protein, Fiber, Fruits and Veggies may help deal with that edginess that is heightened by stress.

WATER: In my research I have been coming upon articles on the importance of water and how one can sip away stress.  Drinking more water decreases cortisol levels. The more you drink the lower the numbers. Water actually dilutes the blood so that even though the cortisol amount in the blood is the same, the blood work numbers read lower  Even though literally sipping away stress is not true,  getting at least 8C water day is a good thing. Being dehydrated leads to so many ailments from headaches to feeling more tired.

PROTEIN and FIBER: Though not directly related to decreasing stress hormones,  protein and fiber play vital roles in keeping our blood sugar even longer. This has everything to do with preventing low dips in blood sugar which leave us shaky, unfocused and HANGRY! (Hunger and anger combo). I encourage every meal and snack to contain some protein and fiber. Try some turkey to get tryptophan an amino acid which helps to increase serotonin and calm us down.

FRUITS &VEGGIES: Here they are again! We need out 5-8 servings of fruits and veggies as they contain amazing amounts of stress busting nutrition. Potassium in bananas, avocados nuts and seeds is essential for energy and decreases blood pressure. Vitamin C found in tomatoes, and citrus fruits are needed to build stress hormones  and are anti-inflammatory and magnesium found in nuts helps relax muscles and may reduce anxiety.

Foods are important in helping us manage stress by providing  needed nutrition to calm and keep blood sugars even longer- some nutrients may also help with blood pressure and even stress hormones.