Family Nutrition & Behavior Change

It is now 2010 the start of a new decade in a new millennium. It is time to reflect on the old and make plans for changes in the future. What does making a change involve?

The Stages of Change model describes five stages of readiness – precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance – and provides a framework for understanding behavior change (DiClemente and Prochaska, 1998).

1. Precontemplation: Individual has the problem (whether he/she recognizes it or not) and has no intention of changing. Example: not exercising for weight control.

2. Contemplation: Individual recognizes the problem and is seriously thinking about changing. Runs for the bus an gasps for air- out of shape.

3. Preparation for Action: Individual recognizes the problem and intends to change the behavior within the next month. Some behavior change efforts may be reported, such as Exercising only 2x month . Action: Individual has enacted consistent exercise behavior change for less than six months.

4. Maintenance: Individual maintains new behavior for six months or more. Exercising regularly 3x/week for over 6 months.

Where are you and your family in this model when it comes to eating well, exercising, sleep and balance? Have you contemplated on cleaning out the pantry and shopping for low fat foods, foods higher in fiber or healthier snacks? Are you prepared to take action?

Join me over the next 12 weeks to help give your family a Nutrition Makeover for 2010!

Next Week: The facts about fats.