F.U.E.L. Up Supports Optimal Eating for Success

FUEL UP chart heading

What does success really mean? Some people see success as financial gain others as public service or philanthropy. For others, success may mean meeting a personal goal or experiencing the feeling of achieving an accomplishment. The bottom line is that there is no one single definition of success and what you consider successful- someone else may not.

For me, my personal journey of success involves self-care- in the form of 5 power habits- namely rest, movement, nourish, passion and purpose. I felt so strongly about this concept that the philosophy evolved into a book with my co-author Nisha Shah called Having Your All- how self-care leads to an energized, effective and empowered life (2014). As mentioned, nourish is one of the 5 power habits of self-care and is all about eating well for energy to support successful endeavors.

FUEL UP for Success is geared exclusively to people who want increased energy and more focus for work-life balance and self-care. Specifically designed for busy, on-the-go professionals, F.U.E.L. UP is all about eating simply with fresh whole foods and having just the right nutrition balance to keep revved up and energized all day! After all, we cannot be our best selves if we are undernourished or poorly fueled.

FUEL Up for Success chart

The acronym F.U.E.L UP follows 4 simple principals

  1. (F) Focus on Fresh Food
  2. (U) Understand Nutrition
  3. (E) Eat Mindfully
  4. (L) Love Liquid

I invite you to download the attached handout to practice a few F.U.E.L. UP goals- After you complete the form – make note on how you are doing with obtaining fresh foods. Are you meeting any of the 10 nutrition goals? Are you practicing some of the 10 mindful techniques? How about getting enough liquids? Take time to check off some of the goals you already practice- circle one new goal you wish to try. You may be surprised that you are already on your way to Fuel Up for Success! Let me know how it goes.

FYI: FUEL UP principals can be modified for teens, children and sports groups. It is also available for groups wanting to work with special or modified diets.

F.U.E.L. UP Recipe Card